The Power of Peptides

The Power of Peptides

When you think of your skincare routine formulas and ingredients are often thrown around to confuse you and distract you from the harmful effects of some products.  Our natural skincare products are developed using no harsh chemicals and ingredients that are transparent so you know exactly what you're getting in each treatment.

We also think it is incredibly important that you truly understand why we've included the ingredients we have in our products.  That's why we're discussing peptides which are an a very powerful ingredient in our Instant Peptide moisturizing cream.  These powerful ingredients pack a big punch in the fight against wrinkles and aging skin.

What are peptides?

Peptides are what make up protein.  When you get multiple peptides linking up you get protein and when working with your skin these peptides form a protein you may have heard of called collagen.

Collagen forms the basis of your skin and keeps it looking firm and smooth.  What happens as you get older, starting in your early 20s is your collagen starts to fade away, usually about 1% per year.  This leaves your skin thinner and with more room for wrinkles.

How do peptides help?

Applying topical peptides to your skin has been shown to increase the skin's natural production of peptides which in turn will rejuvenate your skin and allow it to start producing collagen once again.  

The natural production of collagen generally stops around the age of 40 and without the topical application of peptides your skin will begin to look parched and wrinkled.  Peptides will help spur on collagen production keeping your skin looking refreshed for years to come.

The powerful peptides in our skincare products allow you to maintain the youthful look you desire without the harsh chemicals found in other products.

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