Did You See That?  We Were Featured On The Enchanted Home

Did You See That? We Were Featured On The Enchanted Home

Over the years we have been so blessed to be featured by the people who use and love our products.  These features have come in a variety of forms and each time it happens we turn a little red in the face as the result of the pride we feel that our products have led someone to share the good results they are experiencing with their online following.

In the last few years we have been featured on Vogue magazine's website as one of our fans, Alia Raza shared that InstantPeel was "better than a facial" and so she wanted to tell the world about her experience using our best-selling exfoliant.  We were so grateful that Ms. Raza loves our products enough to share them with the world.  

Another member of the Vogue family, Marina Rust (@MarinaRust), who is an editor at the magazine has been so kind to share her experiences with our products on her Instagram feed a number of times over the years.  How blessed are we that she found our products at Zitomer in New York City and then felt she had to share them with the world.  Ms. Rust even told her friend Jennifer Gray (@Jennifergray) about our products.

We heard about how much Ms. Gray loved our products when she raved about them as one of her 8 beauty essentials last year in People Magazine.  We were so blessed to be included in her go-to products.

Now we have been blessed once again by our newest friend over at The Enchanted Home who was gracious enough to include us in her Beauty Files blog where she featured InstantPeel as well.  Not only are we grateful that we were featured on this wonderful blog, we are also grateful to have found this wonderful corner of the Internet that we had not been to before so we could do a little Easter shopping.

We have had some really incredible people share our products with the world and on top of these famous faces that you might recognize we have been blessed to be supported by literally hundreds of influencers on Instagram who have tried our products and shared them with their followers.  

As more and more people discover our products we continue to be in awe of the fact that they want to share them widely with the world.  What an honor it is to be supported by so many incredible people who have had a good experience with our products and who want to tell the world about it. 

Will you be next?  


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