Do Bananas Have Skincare Benefits?

Do Bananas Have Skincare Benefits?

Next time you hear someone say, "isn't there a "National" day for everything these days?" You can point to April 20th and say, well in fact, I think there is, because did you know that April 20th is National Banana Day?  It's true.  Today we are celebrating the tasty treat that kids all over the world love to eat, the banana.  

This childhood favorite is also the favorite among some adults for it's health benefits and today we thought we would take a look at seeing whether or not there are also skincare benefits to eating these potassium packed pleasures. 

So, do bananas have benefits to your skin?

The short answer is: YES!  Bananas have many health benefits that go far beyond your skin, but today we're just going to focus on the benefits for your skin.  These include;

1. Wonderful for hydrating your skin as bananas are rich in potassium and moisture which are perfect for keeping your skin well hydrated. 

2. A few of the nutrients in bananas are great at keeping your skin soft and supple.

3. Bananas are great at limiting fine lines and wrinkles on your skin due to their high volume of antioxidants. 

Bananas are both delicious and nutritious for your physical health and your skincare.  They are the perfect way to natural improve your skin and working in concert with a good skincare routine they can be just the ingredient to have as your secret ingredient to make your friends go WOW when they see your glowing and youthful skin.  

PRO TIP: There is a new machine that takes bananas and turns them into ice cream.  You read that right, it takes bananas and turns them into ice cream.  OK, it's not quite the same as ice cream, but I can tell you as an ice cream lover if I wasn't the one that made it, I wouldn't be able to tell it wasn't true ice cream.  It's definitely worth the trick.  You can check out the Yonanas machine here.

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