Don't Forget Your Sunscreen, Even In The Spring

Don't Forget Your Sunscreen, Even In The Spring

In the Northeast of the United States the calendar says that it is Spring, but the weather might beg to differ.  We've had colder than usual temperatures and lots of rain.  Nothing is "normal" in the world of weather in the Northeast of the U.S. so, just grab on and hold on tight.

However, as the sun starts to peak through and the weather warms up, even just a little bit, it is important to remember that protecting your skin goes well beyond your skincare routine.  In fact, if you spend any significant time outside, regardless of the season of the year, you should have a plan in place to make sure your skin is protected against the elements.  There are few things that are more damaging to your skin then the sun.

Maybe in the Summer you carry around sunscreen in your purse because you know you'll need to reapply it throughout the day.  You may not need to do that in the Spring because the sun isn't as strong and one application per day just might do the trick, but you should not skip it all together.  In fact, even if you will be in the sun for a portion of the day you should make sure you are applying sunscreen before you head out.

Just this past week I went on a hike along the water on a bright and sunny day.  I was bundled up with a jacket and even gloves on, for reference on how cold it was, but I still came home with a sunburn on my face.  I looked in the mirror and was startled at the fact that I was sunburned already and the calendar hadn't even flipped to May.  It was important for me to realize that it is never too early to think about protecting my skin from the sun if I am going to spend any significant amount of time outside.  

If you've had this same result or have even been considering whether or not you need to start using sunscreen this early in the season, don't delay.  It is important that you start protecting your skin now so you do not cause any long-term damage that could linger into the Summer months.  You may want to have a golden tan all summer long, but if you start out with a blotchy red sunburn in the Spring you won't be off on the right foot.  Don't wait, grab some sunscreen, minimum SPF 30 and keep it with you at all times.  If you're going to be in the sun for an extended period of time, make sure to use it.  Your future summer self will thank you for it.

Once you've loaded up with sunscreen and are ready to tackle the outdoors for the Spring and into the Summer, don't forget about utilizing your skincare routine to cleanse your skin and help it recover from a day exposed to the sun.  You can utilize our Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser to wipe away any residue left over from the sunscreen that you use during the day to leave your skin feeling clean and refreshed when it hits the pillow at night.  

Sun protection is crucial year-round. Don't wait for summer to start applying sunscreen - damage from spring sunshine can linger. By incorporating sunscreen into your routine now, you'll be on your way to healthy, glowing skin all season long. Remember to cleanse your face after sun exposure to remove any leftover sunscreen residue.

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