Here's How You Can Show Appreciation For The Nurse In Your Life

Here's How You Can Show Appreciation For The Nurse In Your Life

We are so thrilled that our country has taken notice of nurses and the hard work that they do, especially over the last two years.  Today marks National Nurses Day where we spend some extra time honoring those women and men who mask up every day and work to protect us and keep us healthy.

At the start of the global pandemic known as COVID-19, nurses and health care workers were undoubtedly feeling the love.  When people in sky rises across the country and around the world were showing their appreciation by banging pots and pans together loud enough for an entire city to hear, there was appreciation in the air.  Since then, there have been a variety of ways that people have shown their appreciation for these healthcare workers, but the appreciation has certainly waned over the years. 

These brave women and men are still on the front lines protecting us from the dangers of COVID-19 and other diseases and injuries that can affect our every day lives.  These are the folks who are making it possible for life to return to some sense of normalcy and how will mask back up again if the need arises even though they themselves may be suffering from physical and mental health issues.  This is why it is so important to have at least one day where we honor these incredible heroes among us.

Here are a couple of ideas that we have come up with that will allow you to show your appreciation to the nurses in your life.

1.) Call and check in on them.  It may have been a while since you've spoken so make sure you tell them why you're calling, but don't make the entire call about being a nurse, make it about normal everyday stuff.  They will be glad to hear from you.

2.) Make a donation in their name to a cause they care about.  If there is an organization that you know that your friend or loved one supports, a great way to show them that you care about them is to make a donation to that organization.

3.) If you'd rather treat them to something special for themselves, why not help them rinse away all of the dead skin that has accumulated under those masks over the years and share with them InstantPeel which will allow them to exfoliate without having to have any time away from the job, they can do it in the shower!

No matter how you show your appreciation, don't hesitate to show it, because there are nurses out there who are battling each and every day for you and the very least we can all do is reach out with a friendly ear or a gift for their own self care.  

From all of us at Earthen Skincare, we thank you for the work you do and appreciate you today and everyday as you work on the frontlines to keep us all safe.

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