How To Find The Best Hiking Trails Near You

How To Find The Best Hiking Trails Near You

There aren't too many things that are as invigorating as going for a great hike.  Spending a day among nature and breathing in deep the fresh air that surrounds you when you are hiking can not only do wonders for your mental health, but it is wonderful for your skin health as well. 

The one challenging thing is how to find good hiking trails, especially if you are new to an area or are maybe on vacation for a few days. 

We love to hike so we thought it would be helpful to provide a few resources that would make it easier for you to get out among nature.  A good hike may prove to be a great part of your skincare routine.

1.) Start with the local/state government websites.  Most state and local government websites will have a parks and recreation or state parks section and will give you maps and directions to get to these hiking destinations.  These parks and trails are often the most well groomed and best marked sites available so they are the perfect place for a novice hiker to start.

2.) Land conservation organizations.  Many communities will have organizations with the sole stated purpose of conserving natural spaces and many of these spaces have hiking trails among them.  Often these organizations are run by volunteers so their websites are not always updated on a regular basis, so it's a good idea to confirm that the trails still exist and are still cleared before heading out on them.

3.) Think bigger and go to the National Parks website and find a National Park nearby where you will often find hundreds of thousands of acres of hiking trails that are well groomed and marked well too.  The only trick here is that many of the National Park trials are longer and more treacherous for novice hikers.

Whether you're headed out for a short hike or are really getting into it as a way to get some exercise in each and every day, spending time among nature is one of the best things you can do for your mind, body, and soul.  Hiking added to a good skincare routine will keep your skin looking healthy and youthful for many years to come.  

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