How To Protect Your Skin From An Unexpected Heat Wave

How To Protect Your Skin From An Unexpected Heat Wave

Temperatures across much of the United States are expected to hit near record highs this week as an unexpected early fall heatwave is sweeping across the country.  While many assume that Labor Day weekend puts the final touches on the summer, this year it kicked off a heatwave of epic proportions that could open up a whole new week of summer activity for you to enjoy.

While you're enjoying it you should continue with your summer skincare routine, even if you had already begun the transition to your fall routine.  This means a quality moisturizer and of course exfoliating as needed.  If you fail to maintain the summer skincare routine, you could set yourself back weeks as you transition to the fall.  

However your skincare routine is not all you want to do to protect your skin as this heatwave may have caught you off guard.  You will want to make sure all of the steps you took to protect your skin all summer long are being followed until the heatwave passes.  If you can maintain these tips you will be able to protect your skin and will be able to get right back to your fall routine with no hiccups.

Don't forget as the weather is hot to do the following to keep your skin protected while September turns back into August for a few days.

1.) Keep your skin covered up.  We're not suggesting you head out covered from head to toe, but doing your best, especially if you're going to be in the sun for extended periods of time to keep your exposed skin protected from the sun is one of the best things you can do to keep your skin safe.  Wearing a long-sleeve shirt may not be a bad idea.  While long pants may be a bridge too far, you will want to make sure you are covered in all of the spots that are often mostly exposed to the sun.

2.) Wear a hat.  You may not be thinking about wearing a hat when you're out and about in September, but the extra protection for your face and your scalp can be just what you need to keep your skin looking youthful and glowing into the autumn while not letting your skin get destroyed by the unexpected heat and weather conditions.  Any type of hat will do as long as it keeps the sun off your head and face to keep it protected from the dangerous UV rays.

3.) Wear sunscreen....yes, still.  Next to wearing long-sleeved clothing and a hat, sunscreen is your best protection against sun damage.  This remains true even though the calendar has changed from one month to the next.  Sun exposure is sun exposure and it doesn't matter much what the calendar says as long as there is sun you should make sure you are protecting your skin against the damage that it can cause.

It depends on how you feel about heat after Labor Day.  Some people relish additional opportunities to get outside and enjoy a steamy fresh air day while others are looking for the crisp fall air that often comes after the 1st of September, but wherever you fall, if the mercury is rising you should always be looking out for your skin and making sure it is protected from the damaging UV rays of the sunshine.

Once this heatwave subsides you should feel comfortable transitioning from your summer skincare routine to your fall routine, but until then you should stick with the routine you've been accustomed to for the last few months.  It may have served you well in July and August and it will continue to do so until the weather, not the calendar turns to fall.  

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