Let's Debunk Three Skincare Myths

Let's Debunk Three Skincare Myths

Everyone with a TikTok or YouTube channel is a skincare expert these days, but the truth be told skincare is a complex subject matter that requires academic study and professional experience to truly be able to give appropriate advice.  When you see someone making a claim on social media you should make sure you do your own research and determine whether or not what they are saying is factual and if it's advice you should follow.  If you can not determine the truth on your own you may want to speak with a medical professional who is trained and can give you explicit advice for your own skin.  

There are plenty of skincare related myths that are floating around the Internet that need to be fact checked and dispelled.  Today we're choosing three of them that are quite common to give you the truth about these myths.  It is important that you know that we are not medical professionals and if you want in depth, detailed information about each of these myths and how you should approach the information we are sharing below you should seek the advice of a medical provider to discuss your individual situation.

Now, on to the myths that we are planning to dispel today.

Myth #1: Oily skin doesn't need moisturizer

You have probably heard this myth over and over again as it is floating around all over the Internet.  Unfortunately, it is not true.  Oily skin is caused by an excess of sebum (oil) which does not indicate that it is hydrated.  In fact, oily skin can easily lack proper hydration if it is not taken care of properly.  While you may experience oily skin, the reason it continues to remain oily in the absence of a moisturizer or hydration is that your skin is overcompensating for the dryness it is experiencing from not being well hydrated.  This reaction makes the skin even more oily.  If you use a high quality moisturizer your skin will remain hydrated and this will reduce the need for the skin to overproduce oil.  

Myth #2: Pores Open And Close

This is an interesting myth that can easily be dispelled by just looking at the biology of pores.  Pores do not have muscles so they cannot open and close, it is physically impossible for this to happen.  This myth may have come about because there are some things that do make pores appear larger like inflammation or excess oil, but naturally they do not open and close.  In order to reduce the appearance of pores you should regularly use an exfoliant and a gentle cleanser to keep them clean and free from excess oil or dirt.  

Myth #3: Washing Your Face Throughout The Day Cleanses Your Pores And Prevents Breakouts

Washing your face is an essential part to your skincare routine, but over washing your face can result in changing your skin's natural barrier which keeps moisture in and irritants out.  While it can be tempting to wash your face anytime you feel there is excess dirt, oil or sweat on it, washing too frequently can have a negative result.  The general rule of thumb for washing your face is twice daily, once in the morning and once in the evening.  If you experience oily skin throughout the day a mid-day rinse of your face may be OK, but you should make sure you use luke-warm water and a non-stripping cleanser for that wash.

There are so many myths about skincare floating around the Internet that you really do need to be careful not to listen to every one that pops up in your For You page.  Instead, if you hear a statement about skincare that you think applies to you and you want to learn more, do some research, pick up the phone and call your dermatologist.  Don't just take these myths at face value because they could wind up being damaging to your skin when you're just trying to help improve your skincare routine over time.

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