Low Stress During The Holidays?  Start Shopping Now

Low Stress During The Holidays? Start Shopping Now

If you've visited your local grocery store or a convenience store in the last few days you have seen the holiday decorations starting to creep in.  No, we're not talking about Halloween, we're talking about Christmas and Hanukkah.  The aisles are starting to get crowded with snowmen and Santa Claus and it's only going to get more "festive" in the next few weeks.

We know, Halloween hasn't happened yet!  We think it's a little spooky too.

With that being said, you can avoid the early decorations while also getting a jump on your holiday shopping so that when you are ready to Deck The Halls, you can do so at your own pace and with a nice cup of eggnog to soothe you into the festivities.  If you start your shopping now, you can be roasting by an open fire with all your shopping done, while others battle last minute crowds to get the gifts they must have for their loved ones this season.

Aside from giving you the opportunity enjoy more of the season without rushing around to find the perfect gift, shopping in October gives you the ability to browse and enjoy the experience of taking time to find that perfect gift for your someone special.  Instead of just checking things off of a list you can put plenty of time and thought into what your gift is going to be and why a particular person would enjoy a high quality moisturizer to add to their skincare routine.  

Right now, as an added bonus, if you do decide to get the moisturizer for your special someone, we're also offering you the gift of a free box of InstantPeel which is our #1 seller as a way of saying thank you for starting your shopping early this holiday season.  Just add the moisturizer to your cart and we'll add the InstantPeel to your order instantly.

We're rewarding you for starting your holiday shopping early, but there are so many other rewards that come along with that too.  If you can manage to get all of your holiday shopping completed before November 1st, you can enjoy an entirely stress free holiday without having to worry about running from store to store or sorting through hundreds of websites to find exactly what you want to buy for a gift.  Finishing your shopping early frees you up to enjoy the sights, sounds and smells of the holiday season.

An additional benefit to finishing your shopping early, especially if you do your shopping online, is that you do not have to stress about shipping times or delays.  In recent years shipping delays have been happening more regularly.  If you order your gifts now you'll avoid the rush of gifts being sent through the mail and your orders will make it to you with plenty of time to spare to put one final bow on the package.

Shopping for the holidays can be a joy, when you have the time to do it, but when you have to rush through it and just "get it done" it can be tiring and stressful.  We want you to relax, enjoy the experience and then be ready when the calendar turns to hum along to your favorite holiday music and enjoy your favorite tasty holiday treat, without having to worry about checking your list twice.  

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