Take An Everything Shower To Have Glowing Skin

Take An Everything Shower To Have Glowing Skin

Our favorite new trend is an "everything shower" which takes your shower time and supercharges it into a self-care ritual that will leave you feeling refreshed from head to toe.  Not only do we love these as a way to pamper yourself, but also as a way to prepare your skin to be glowing all season long.  Part of your "everything shower" should be your skincare routine.

If you have not heard about an "everything shower" before, this is basically a normal shower, but you perform a head-to-toe pampering session while you're in the shower.  Doesn't that sound wonderful?  To perform an "everything shower" you should take all of the steps you normally take when taking a shower and then add a whole bunch of self care steps to take your shower experience to the next level. 

You should, before you plan your first "everything shower" know that this is not your everyday 5 minute shower routine, but it may take a real time commitment on your behalf.  Some of the best routines last anywhere from :30 minutes to a full, luxurious hour.  This may seem indulgent, and it is, but it is not more indulgent than going to a day spa and getting treatments all day.  Here, you're just taking your self-care and putting it in your own hands instead of someone else's.

So, let's get to the real juicy part of an "everything shower" and that is, what it entails.  The good news is that you can really take this in any direction that makes you feel good about yourself.  However, here are some tips to make your shower everything you hoped for and more.

1.) Customization.  You may see all sorts of people online saying that their way is the best way to do an "everything shower" and that may be true for them, BUT you are aiming to make it perfect for yourself.  You should spend some time thinking about what areas you want to indulge in and then focus on those during your shower.  There is not a right or wrong answer when it comes to deciding what you want to spend time on in the shower, so you should think about it ahead of time, plan accordingly and then luxuriate for as long as your heart desires.

2.) Add extra treatments.  Of course you will want to perform all of the key elements of a traditional shower, but this is the part of your shower that you can get creative with and add in things like eyebrow grooming or hair masks to make it especially luxurious.  We would suggest using our #1 selling exfoliant while in the shower, InstantPeel, to wipe away all of your dead skin cells and leave the shower feeling more youthful and with glowing skin.   Whatever you decide, this is the part of the shower where the magic happens.

3.) Don't forget to deep clean.  Of course, the main purpose of a shower is to get your body clean.  In an "everything shower" that is still the purpose, but you should feel good about taking a few extra minutes to deep clean your hair and your body to go beyond your typical soap and shampoo shower.  The deep clean is the foundation of the "everything shower" and this is the part you'll want to make sure you get right for what you desire.

Once again, an "everything shower" is not something you will likely do every day.  You might want to do this once a week or maybe a couple times a month, so it is special every time you do it.  You can have a custom, at-home, spa experience with all the luxurious things you desire without having to make appointments and drive to your destination.  Spend the time figuring out what you want your "everything shower" to be and you'll be grateful you did it for weeks and months to come.

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