The Perfect Gift For Your Sweetheart

The Perfect Gift For Your Sweetheart

Each February comes around and we have the perfect opportunity to show our special someone just how much we care about them.  We can get a box of chocolates.   Maybe our go to gift is jewelry or flowers.  This year we ought to try something different, something that will last and make our sweetheart smile just as much if not more then a box of chocolates.

This year we're giving our sweetheart, a new skincare routine.

Now wait, before you bemoan that skincare is not the most romantic thing you could get your love, think about this again.  A gift of skincare says to her/him that you see how much they take care of themselves and you want them to have the best of the best to make sure that along with their physical and mental health, their skin health is taken care of as well.

Convinced?  We thought you might be.  

Now the next question is, what skincare products should you get your sweetheart to be the perfect Valentine's Day gift?  You know you can count on us to help you with this question.  Not only can we easily answer this question for you, we've also made it affordable to take the answer and get your shopping done.  Now through Valentine's Day we've taken 20% off our entire skincare collection so you can load up your cart and warm your sweetheart's heart without emptying your wallet.

You'll want to consider how far along in their skincare journey your sweetheart is before you decide on what you're going to get her/him.  If she is already a skincare nut and just might be looking to try something new and refreshing might we suggest our most popular product InstantPeel.  InstantPeel is a gentle and effective exfoliant that is the perfect gift for someone who is tired of going to a spa to get harsh chemical peels every time they want to look young again.  

For your sweetheart who may have never thought about skincare in this way before, our Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser might be the prefect start to their new collection.  Most people know it is important to clean your skin in the morning and at night and this will be a nice, refreshing way for your sweetheart to do that.  Plus, once they use this cleanser, they will never be able to go back to something less luxurious again. 

If your sweetheart is a light user of skincare products and you want to help them dip their toes in a little further you may want to start them with one of our moisturizers that will leave their face feeling light and plump for many days and weeks to come.

Whatever you choose for that special someone in your life, make sure they know you are giving it to them from the heart.  A special, new tradition, that is aiming to make them feel special each and every Valentine's Day.



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