Three Reasons Sticking To Your Skincare Routine During The Holidays Is Critical

Three Reasons Sticking To Your Skincare Routine During The Holidays Is Critical

Whether you're traveling a long distance for the holidays or are just staying home to celebrate with close family and friends it can be difficult to maintain your skincare routine.  While you may have more time during the holidays you also have more varied responsibilities.  Whether you need to head out to do some last minute shopping or are the one cooking dinner for a houseful of guests or some other holiday activities that are getting in the way of your normal routine it can be challenging to stick to a skincare routine each and every day during the holidays.

No matter how busy your holiday gets it is critical that you maintain your skincare routine like you normally would each and every day.  It is not something that should be left, even for a few days and there are a few reasons why.

1.) You will likely get less sleep during the holidays then you normally would.  Whether you're tossing and turning because you are stressing out about something that is upcoming or you are up late at night reminiscing with family and friends, your normal bedtime is likely out the window.  One thing we know is that regular sleep is the perfect thing you can do to maintain good, healthy skin.  In the absence of sleep you will need to turn to your skincare routine to make sure your skin continues to look healthy throughout the holiday season.

2.) Your diet will likely change over the course of a few days.  While one cheat day here or there is not going to kill your skincare, the amount of fatty foods and decadent desserts that you may be eating during the season could have a dramatic impact on the health of your skin.  If that is the case, you will once again need to turn to your skincare routine to keep you looking fresh faced throughout the season.

3.) The air will likely be dryer this time of year.  It is already true that due to heating systems in most homes, the air is dry which is not good for your skin,  During the holidays this may get even worse as there will be more bodies around which will heat up the air around you.  These issues will leave your skin feeling dried out and not at it's best.  If you don't take care of this it can have lasting impacts that will be difficult to erase as the holiday season turns into the dead of winter.

You can take your skincare routine seriously all year long, but if you don't pay close attention to it during certain times of the year it can set you back from having the perfect skin year round.  The holidays are one of those times throughout the year where you can get behind on your routine and it can cause long lasting damage.  If you maintain your skincare routine throughout the holidays you'll be in good shape for the weeks and months to come.

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