Top 3 Reasons Mom Needs A New Skincare Routine For Mother's Day

Top 3 Reasons Mom Needs A New Skincare Routine For Mother's Day

If you're anything like me you're involved in a text chain with your siblings each May that wonders aloud what to get Mom for Mother's Day.  My sisters can be quite creative which is nice because we don't usually end up with the typical bouquet of flowers or anything like that.  It makes it fun to be able to think outside of the box to get our Mom a great gift that will actually be a surprise.  

This year the text chain started and we were all at a little bit of a loss so we had to dig deep and think about what our Mom really would want and cherish as a Mother's Day gift.  Like most moms our Mom would simply be happy with a few quiet moments with each of us to enjoy each other's company, but that can be tricky because we're all spread out.  So this year we had to do some real thinking and then I remembered, I write about the best gift you could give Mom on Mother's Day all year round, a skincare routine.

This is what we settled on.  We're going to give her the gift that keeps on giving throughout the Spring and Summer months, the wonderful gift of skincare from the Earthen Skincare collection.  So, we looked at what Earthen had to offer and we ordered her the perfect gift for Mother's Day and we can't wait to give it to her.

There are a number of reasons that we thought that a skincare routine would be the perfect gift for our Mom and I think it would be great for your Mom too.

1.) Confidence Boost.  Our Mom lost our Step-Dad a number of years back and so she is often alone.  However, she gets out quite a bit to go to parties and charity events that she absolutely loves going to, but she often feels self-conscious when she heads out.  We thought that giving her a skincare routine that would help her achieve that glowing skin look that she loves to have would give her the confidence to go out and wow her local scene.

2.) Skincare Is Healthcare.  It is so important as our Mothers age that they take good care of themselves.  This includes all of the typical things that you might consider like eating right and exercising often, but it also includes skincare.  Most people don't consider skincare a part of healthcare, but truthfully it is.  If you don't have healthy skin, the largest organ in the body, you will not be as healthy as you can be.  It is important that this skincare routine help motivate our Mom to be the healthiest version of herself.

3.) She'll Be Thinking About This Gift Long After Mother's Day.  There are so many gifts that you can give for Mother's Day that last just a few days.  A bouquet of flowers or a delicious dessert can be gone in just a few hours even.  A skincare routine will last for quite some time, maybe even months.  Our Mom will be using her skincare routine into the Summer months and every time she does she'll hopefully be thinking about us and how we were thinking of her in late Spring.

The text chain between my sisters and I has quieted down now that we have settled on the perfect Mother's Day gift for our Mom.  She is going to love the skincare routine we've secured her from the Earthen Skincare collection.  We all feel great that we've found her a gift that is unique and long-lasting so she can cherish it for weeks and months to come all while remembering her special Mother's Day of 2024.

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