What Our Celebrity Friends Have Said About Us

What Our Celebrity Friends Have Said About Us

We don't like to brag, but...we have had a couple celebrity friends discover us and start to tell all of their famous friends.  When we say they have told a couple of their friends, we mean they have told their entire social media following AND People Magazine about how they love to use Earthen Skincare in their very own skincare routine.  Now, how cool is that?

Before we introduce you to our celebrity friends it is important to tell you that we never asked these incredible women to recommend our products, they did it on their own.  This is not some paid sponsorship we're sharing here, this is something where they found our products, loved them and then spread the word.  We're blushing.

Ok, on to our famous friends.

Our first famous friend is someone that has always been on the cutting edge of trends as she is an editor for Vogue Magazine.  If you aren't following Marina Rust on Instagram you're missing out, because she has a great feed AND you can stay ahead of the trends.  

We are lucky enough that Ms. Rust has posted about our products quite a few times so we won't brag too long about everything she has said about our products, here's our favorite quote; "I’ve used Instant Peel for years, it’s unlike anything else. Super gentle, quick, transformative. I’ve done a screen shot of instructions: use on freshly steamed skin for best results. I don’t work for this company, just a fan since discovering the products @zitomerpharmacy and now use the whole line, nothing else." 

Marina's comments make us feel so grateful and we're especially grateful that she mentioned our incredible partners Zitomer who have been a supporter of Earthen Skincare for years.  

Thank you Marina for your kind words and support.

Our other famous friend is someone you may have seen in any number of incredible movies.  She is a world-class author and incredibly influencer as well.  We are so proud to have been mentioned by Jennifer Grey when she was interviewed in People Magazine about the beauty essentials she can't live without.  Imagine that, Earthen Skincare is a beauty essential she can't live without out, we're so flattered.  Here's what Ms. Grey told the magazine; "I rub it on my face after I shower, and all the dead skin comes off.  It's very satisfying."  

We are satisfied with your comments Ms. Grey.

How lucky are we that our famous friends have been so generous with their comments about our skincare.  We want to sincerely thank both Ms. Rust and Ms. Grey for their kind comments and we are so glad that they continue to enjoy using Earthen Skincare in their everyday routines.

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