Why A "Spring Cleaning" May Be In Order For Your Skincare Routine

Why A "Spring Cleaning" May Be In Order For Your Skincare Routine

Do you have that one closet in your home that you just put everything in?  You know, the closet that you open only to put things IN instead of take things out.  What happens to that closet over time is that it loses it's value to you because it becomes overstuffed and you can't find anything that you need anymore because it is buried so deep under all the other stuff.

Now think, when was the last time you removed something from your skincare routine?  It's probably never happened right?  You flip through Instagram and TikTok to see what the best new product to try is and you add it to your routine.  Then you find the next big thing and you add it to your routine.

You're not alone, we all do it.  Be honest with yourself right now and admit the number of moisturizing creams you currently have in your skincare routine that you know do similar things, but you keep them around because they are what you've always used.  If you are shaking your head yes to this it's time to perform a little "spring cleaning" for your skincare routine.

The good news is that when you start performing this type of spring cleaning you won't have things fall on top of your head like you do when you open that never used closet to get to the thing you just HAVE to have.  Spring cleaning your skincare routine just requires you to be honest about what you do and don't use and then be OK with letting go of the items you don't use.

When you take the time to seriously think about your skincare routine and what you do and do not need in it, you will find that you will be able to pair it down considerably to only the essentials.  This is not only good for your sanity, but in many ways it is good for your skin as well.  Too many creams and serums can start to damage your skin and do more harm then good.

If you want to get really extreme you can take everything out of your skincare fridge and line it all up on a table.  Do your best to take all of the emotion out of it and start to eliminate items one by one.  Then the question becomes, what do you keep and what do you eliminate?  This is a very personal question and one only you can answer, but our thinking is that your skincare routine should really be limited to five items.  They should include:

If you can pair down your skincare routine to just the essentials you will speed up your morning and evening routine, but most importantly you'll also be doing your skin a favor by limiting exposure to multiple types of formulas and ingredients which is often not good for your skin.

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