Earth Day Is A Very Special Day For Us - Here's Why

Earth Day Is A Very Special Day For Us - Here's Why

If you've visited us before you may know that we are strong believers in the power of the Earth to be a healer and natural resources to connect us with our true health.  You may have just found us and guessed that even from our name Earthen Skincare which calls back to our desire to make natural products that are healing in the way that we believe nature heals all of us.

It is for this reason that each April 22nd, when Earth Day comes around we are reminded of just how important and fragile our planet is and how we all must do whatever we can to make a difference in keeping it healthy for generations to come.

With this in mind, this Earth Day, we are sharing some of the things we think are important to limit our waste, connect with the Earth, and work to heal the harms that have been caused over the years by human activity.  These are steps you can take in your everyday life that can make an impact, both big and small.

1.) Transition to green energy.  This could be something small like using LED lightbulbs in your home or something large like purchasing an electric vehicle as your primary source of transportation.  If you live in the city, it may be something as simple as using public transportation more and ride share services like Uber less.  

2.) Carpool.  If you're a commuter and you don't have a hybrid vehicle or an electric vehicle you may consider partnering with a co-worker who is coming in to the office from the same direction as you and carpool into work.  One less car on the road each and every day is a welcome thing for Mother Nature.

3.) Plant a tree.  Many communities do Earth Day tree giveaways to residents who can then take the tree and plant them on their property or in parks around the city.  If your community does this, you may want to participate.  If they do not, consider starting a program like this to support the rebirth of Earth.

4.) Change how you heat and cool your home.  One of the most significant pollution sources of the next few decades will be the cost to heat and cool buildings as the climate changes.  Transitioning to a clean source of heating and cooling like GeoThermal is one way to make your mark on the Earth.  

Many of the items above are big changes you can make but there are also small things you can do like recycling, composting, buying less, and limiting the number of orders you make at online retailers.  All of these things will limit carbon emissions and help to heal the planet.

Join us on our mission to keep the Earth green and healing for years to come.

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