Three Reasons We Have Already Started Our Holiday Shopping

Three Reasons We Have Already Started Our Holiday Shopping

The calendar has just turned to November, the leaves are falling and the clocks will be falling back (in some parts of the U.S.) this weekend.  What's on our mind?  You guessed it, holiday shopping!

We're not alone by the way, even Mariah Carey is already into the spirit.

Now that the queen of Christmas has said it is ok to start the planning for the holiday season, we think we're ready to start shopping too.  Are you?  If not, we wanted to give you three reasons to get started a little earlier this season.

1.) Sales sales sales.  Even our very own "autumn sale" will give you reason for holiday cheer this year because you'll be ready to wrap up your gifts before you even carve the Thanksgiving turkey.  Right now you can buy one box of InstantPeel and get the second box half off.  Just add two boxes to your cart and use the code Autumn22 to start saving.   

Our sale is not the only one either, there are hundreds of retailers who are encouraging you to start shopping early.  So what are you waiting for?

2.) Get in the spirit earlier.  Some may bemoan holiday music on the radio and holiday scents coming forth from your favorite candle, but if you're like us you're ready to get started with all the spirit you can pack into the next two months.  While we're at it, there is nothing like heading to a store or shopping online and seeing the Internet aglow with holiday spirits.

3.) Get it shipped early.  Ever since the dreaded Christmas of 2020 we have seen delivery times on products be sporadic at best and slow in most cases.  While some things have gotten better, most Internet based products are having delays with shipping and in some cases with fulfilling orders.  If you order now, you can be sure it will arrive at your door just in time to put a bow on it and give it to that special someone.

There's a joke that Halloween is now considered Christmas Eve to all of the stores and maybe there's some truth to that, but we honestly don't mind.  We love starting our holiday shopping early and enjoying the season as long as we can.

What about you?

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