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7 Minute Facial | How To Exfoliate The Face

Step 1

Take an InstantPeel™ packet into the shower or use right after a hot shower when the skin is moist and supple.

Step 2

Squeeze small amount of InstantPeel™ onto fingertips, apply to the T area of the face (forehead and bridge of nose). Massage area with back and forth motion.

When learning how to exfoliate the face with InstantPeel™, the peeling process begins which means you should feel dead skin peeling away from your face under your fingers. Continue process until peeling ceases. InstantPeel™ only peels away dead skin cells and does not recognize living skin cells.

how to exfoliate face

Step 3

Move to next area and repeat.

Step 4

Rinse Thoroughly – If there is any remaining InstantPeel™ residue, remove with gentle soap and water.