Vogue Editor Marina Rust Knows Just What You Need In The New Year

Vogue Editor Marina Rust Knows Just What You Need In The New Year

We just can't stop blushing from all the nice things that Vogue Editor Marina Rust has said about us over the last few years.  She is one of the people who has found us through our good friends at Zitomer in New York City and has been sharing her thoughts about our brand ever since.  

We are so grateful to Ms. Rust for sharing her enchantment with Instant Peel with all that will listen.  Look what she recently said in the comments section of an Instagram post;

"The most important part of my skincare routine is Instant Peel by @earthen_skincare.  I use it right after a sauna, not irritating at all and it makes my skin glow and has eliminated my eczema/dermatitis.  Have not needed or had a facial in over 2 years."

- Marina Rust

Don't take it from us, take it from someone who knows skincare and beauty, you will be able to eliminate facials all together if you start using our #1 seller, the gentle and effective exfoliant InstantPeel.   

If you've had a similar experience to the one that Ms. Rust has described we would love to hear from you.  You can share it on our Instagram page and you might be featured right here.  

Here's to a 2022 filled with glowing skin and that youthful feeling you get every time someone compliments you on your skin. 

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