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InstantPeel™ Exfoliant


InstantPeel™ is our number one selling Earthen product. It was created as an alternative for those who do not want harsh acid face peels and dermabrasion. Its unique combination of proteins and enzymes gently peel away dead skin cells on your face and all over your body. This peel has been clinically tested for sensitivity and proven safe for even the most delicate of skin.

The proof is right at your fingertips!  InstantPeel™ is so easy to use on any part of you body.

*6 packets included

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Step 1

Take an InstantPeel™ packet into the shower or use right after a hot shower when the skin is moist and supple.

Step 2

Squeeze small amount of InstantPeel™ onto fingertips, apply to the T area of the face (forehead and bridge of nose). Massage area with back and forth motion.

When learning how to exfoliate the face with InstantPeel™, the peeling process begins which means you should feel dead skin peeling away from your face under your fingers. Continue process until peeling ceases. InstantPeel™ only peels away dead skin cells and does not recognize living skin cells.

how to exfoliate face

Step 3

Move to next area and repeat.

Step 4

Rinse Thoroughly – If there is any remaining InstantPeel™ residue, remove with gentle soap and water.


Step 5

Protect your silky new layer of skin with our Repair and Lift Serum
Voila! Hello to your New Healthy, Vibrant Complexion and Skin!