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Our Story of Natural Skin Care Products

Our Story

At Earthen, we believe that everyone's journey is different when it comes to self-discovery and building confidence. To us, skincare is more than just achieving the perfect complexion. It's the confidence to explore, go on a solo adventure or even ask someone out on a date. 

Our goal: Help people glow and radiate confidence through naturally derived ingredients

Our founder's glowing journey to confidence:

For years I suffered from flaky skin. It was not only uncomfortable, I felt people focused more on my flaking skin than on me. I tried all kinds of products, but nothing helped. Then I started experimenting with natural ingredients in different combinations.

It took many years and an extensive amount of research. Eventually, I developed natural skin care product InstantPeel™ and everything changed. My skin stopped flaking and I started to feel a different side of myself come.  My skin appeared fresh, glowing and my confidence mirrored my complexion. It changed my life.

By this time, my company included a gifted chemist. Together we developed an entire line of Earthen natural skincare products.

We hope that you not only love our products but get to glow to your full potential.  

-Mike Tabiri