Are You Protecting Your Skin Enough This Summer?

Are You Protecting Your Skin Enough This Summer?

We've already reviewed what you need to do with your skin to keep it safe when using sunscreen this summer, but what about other avenues that you should be going down to make sure you are keeping yourself and your skin perfectly protected this summer and beyond.  

Your skincare routine is a big reason why your skin looks so glowing and youthful, but if you are not taking steps to protect your skin from the damaging UV rays of the summer sun you may be taking a step backward every time you go the beach or the pool to catch a few rays.  

The good news is that there is a delicate balance between enjoying your time in the sun and completely destroying your skin due to too much sun exposure.  Here are some ways you can keep your skin safe this summer without sacrificing the look and feel of being perfectly tanned and enjoying your time with that gorgeous summer glow.

1.) Wear a hat and sunglasses.  Hats are a great way to protect the skin on your face and the sunglasses add an extra benefit of protecting your eyes from the damage of the sun.  

2.) Try to limit how much you sweat.  This can be a challenge for many of us as sweat is the body's natural way to cool down, but it can also do some serious damage to your beautiful and glowing skin.  If you reduce the time you're in the sun or reduce the activity level while you're in the sun you may be able to get away without sweating too much and doing damage to your skin.

3.) Keep yourself hydrated.  Well-hydrated skin is well-protected skin and if you are drinking enough water throughout the day your skin will keep it's glowing appeal that you're trying achieve from your time in the sun in the first place.

4.) Pay attention to your skin.  You know your skin best and if you're starting to feel like it is getting burnt by the sun or you're feeling dried out or dehydrated you should take steps to combat that immediately.  

Heat waves are becoming more and more likely as temperatures continue to rise and this means hotter sun with more damaging UV rays.  Knowing how to protect yourself from these damaging weather events can be the difference between keeping your glowing skin the way you want it or struggling to keep your skin looking youthful.  

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