Father's Day Is Almost Here - Don't Let Your Dad Suffer With Bad Skin

Father's Day Is Almost Here - Don't Let Your Dad Suffer With Bad Skin

Dad may not be the first person that comes to mind when you're thinking about who to gift your favorite skincare routine to, but maybe he should be.  Dad's are notoriously bad about their skincare and you as his favorite child may be just the person to get him into a good routine that will help him look and feel younger.

As Father's Day approaches now is a good time to think about how skincare could impact your dad's health and happiness.

Depending on the type of dad you have, he may be the type that loves to work out in the yard, under the hot glow of the sun, without sunscreen, so his skin is often dried out and feels like leather.  He may be the type of dad that washes his face with soap and warm water.  You can step in and show him what it's like to wash his face with our Instant CelluMoist.  This specially formulated moisturizer will be just the thing to combat your dad's lack of interest in sunscreen and care about how he cleans his face.

Maybe your dad is the type of dad that sits in front of a computer all day and drinks a lot of coffee or soda to keep him powered through the day at work.  We know that coffee and soda are not good for your skin, but good luck changing that habit.  Instead, maybe you can offer him a way to get rid of the dead skin that builds up as he sits in front of a computer screen each and every day.  You can suggest to him a simple and easy way to remove the dead skin that will make him look younger and feel refreshed.  A good gift for you dad might be InstantPeel which is our #1 seller and offers exfoliation that can be done in the shower and is gentle on your face.

What if your dad is a rugged guy who actually does take care of his skin, but maybe could use an opportunity to move his skincare to the next level?  Maybe he exfoliates and cleanses, but he forgets the skin around his eyes and you know what a difference that could make for him.  Why not gift him one of our eye treatments that will be perfect for him to complete his skincare routine.

Wherever your dad falls on the spectrum he will appreciate you thinking of him and giving him a unique gift that he isn't expecting for this Father's Day.  Order your gift now so you can get it in time to surprise the man that has always been there for you your whole life.

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