Our Third Annual Celebration of Galentine's Day

Our Third Annual Celebration of Galentine's Day

For the last three years we have taken the day before Valentine's Day and celebrated all of our girls with Galentine's Day.  For a little history, it all started with Season 2 Episode 16 of the TV show Parks and Recreation.  Leslie Knope and her fictional friends all gather for a lovely brunch and she gives them each gifts to show her appreciation for their friendship and love.  The original episode aired in 2010, a full 12 years ago and we are still celebrating.

Here on this website, we like to raise a glass to all of the incredible women who have visited over the years and made Earthen Skincare what it is today.  Whether you're a high profile editor for Vogue or visiting for the first time to check us out, we so appreciate your interest in what we do here.

To celebrate we want to show you all some love.

We love how you are strong in the face of so much uncertainty through the last two years.  How you have given of your time and effort to insure that the ones around you are cared for and well.

We love that you work hard at your job even when it may not be easy.  When the deck may be stacked against you, you rise above and take care of business.

We love that you are such a kind and caring friend to so many.  You are the one that your friends lean on when they have nowhere else to go and the one that stands them up when they are feeling down.

We love that you care for yourself which we all know is the critical piece to being well in these challenging times.  You take self care seriously and you should, each and every day.

We love that you are who you are and you make no excuses about it.  You are strong, smart, powerful, loving, kind, caring, and considerate.

We may not know each other personally, but on this Galentine's Day, we see you.  We understand you.  We appreciate you.

Cheers to another February 13th holiday that matters just as much, if not more then the Hallmark holiday we'll celebrate tomorrow.  Cheers to you. We love you. 

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