The Benefits Of Fresh Spring Air On Your Skin

The Benefits Of Fresh Spring Air On Your Skin

The winter months can be long, cold and dry for your skin.  With a proper skincare routine you can manage these conditions so they do not affect your skin negatively.  However, as the winter wears on it can be challenging to keep up with the changing conditions.

April and May bring with them fresh and warm air that can be of great benefit to your skin and your skincare routine.  When the cool, brisk air of April turns to the warm breeze of May you can open up your home to the exterior world and truly take the full benefit of the warm spring air that isn't too harsh on either the cold or the hot spectrum of temperatures and fits just right into your skincare routine.

You may have felt the impact of fresh air on your face and wondered if it was just your body reveling in the fact that it could get outside, but truthfully there are real scientific benefits to your skin being exposed to the fresh spring air.  These benefits include things like;

1. Oxygen being anti-inflammatory which can help your skin heal and reduce puffiness.  

2. Oxygen also provides some anti-bacterial benefits to your skin over time.

3. Increased collagen production from exposure to fresh air will make your skin softer, smoother, and more firm.

The scientific benefits of oxygen exposure, especially the temperate oxygen that you might see in the spring months are well researched and acknowledged by skincare experts.  Along with a good skincare routine, you can take back your natural beauty in your skin that may have been damaged due to the harsh temperatures of the winter months, just simply by heading outdoors this spring.

We encourage all of our customers to get out and enjoy the beauty that is all around us to heal and connect with nature.

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