Your Valentine's Day Gift Buying Guide

Your Valentine's Day Gift Buying Guide

Love is in the air.  February is the month of love and we just love getting ready for all of the hearts and Cupid's arrows.  Whether you're with someone or your hoping to meet someone.  Whether you're in love with another person or finding love for yourself.  February is a good time to embrace the love that is in your life and let it grow and blossom into something special.

Here at Earthen Skincare we are celebrating love.  Love can mean so many different things to so many different people.  You can be in love with your partner.  You can be in love with the person that you are.  You can be in love with a friend, a family member or a pet, but find someone to shower love onto and spread your love around to those who need it the most.  

The world needs more love and we are here for it.

Just like there are so many different ways to love, there are so many ways to spread your love.  A simple phone call to tell someone you loved them might do the trick.  A visit when you haven't seen someone in ages will certainly spread love.  You can sing a song or bake a cake to show someone you love them.  Or you can shower them with gifts.

If the latter option is the one you're thinking about, we're here for you with our Valentine's Day Gift Buying Guide.   Whomever you love will have a full heart after receiving the gift of a brand new skincare routine.  Even better, if you order between now and February 14th you'll receive a free InstantPeel with your purchase so you can show yourself a little love too.

So let's dig into our heart shaped box to find what is happening with our Valentine's Day Gift Buying Guide.

1.) InstantPeel:  Our #1 seller, this exfoliant will leave your loved ones skin feeling smooth and soft all from the comfort of their own home.  It goes on gentle and is never abrasive.  It's the perfect way to show your love.

2.) Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser: The perfect addition to any skincare routine, this is the perfect gift to give to the person who is vegan in your life.  It can be difficult to find truly vegan skincare products, but our cleanser will do the trick.

3.) Elevate Nourishing Serum:  NEW THIS YEAR!  Even if you've given the gift of Earthen Skincare in years past for Valentine's Day you haven't been able to give our newest serum that unlocks the power of Vitamin C to moisturize your loved ones skin.  

4.) Sweetheart Trio: Get 10% off our collections right now and this is the perfect one to say I Love You with.  The Sweetheart Trio includes our face wash, moisturizing serum and moisturizer. 

While you're doing some gift buying for your loved ones for this Valentine's Day, don't forget to treat yourself  to something a little bit special too.  After all, the most important love of your love should be YOU.

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us here at Earthen Skincare.  We hope you have lots of love in your life.  



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