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Earthen SkinCare Is The Perfect Basket Stuffer For Somebunny Special

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Earthen SkinCare Is The Perfect Basket Stuffer For Somebunny Special

The youngest among us are not the only ones who would truly enjoy following the pawsteps of a bunny to a special Easter basket.  The bunny could be delivering the perfect skincare routine to that somebunny special. Hop! Hop! Hop!

If you're a bunny that's new to delivering skincare products to Easter baskets, we've got you covered.  One or all of the items below will fit nicely into a basket and will leave your special somebunny smiling from ear to ear.

  1. InstantPeel Exfolliant
  2. Vegan Daily Facial Cleanser
  3. Moisturizer
  4. Eye Creams

Any one or all of these wonderful basket stuffers will help your somebunny to have youthful, glowing skin for the spring and summer months ahead.

Now if you really want to impress your special someone you can replace his/her basket with a gift box filled with the entire Earthen skincare collection.  You'll be the envy of the other neighborhood bunnies.

Trust us, these gifts will go a lot further then a few jelly beans in some fake grass that you've been used to delivering.


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