3 New Year's Resolution's To Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful

3 New Year's Resolution's To Keep Your Skin Looking Youthful

The countdown is over and the confetti has all fallen, but there is still plenty of time to rejuvenate yourself and your body with a few New Year's Resolutions that will leave you living your best life all year long.  No matter what the clock says there is still plenty of time to identify and stick to a New Year's Resolution or two and we have a few you might want to consider.

When we are making resolutions we really like to make them very specific and measurable so that we get a few months in we know if we've stuck to them or not.  If you make a resolution open ended like, I want to be healthier, it's very hard to measure that and decide whether you've stuck to it.  This is, of course, just our approach and yours may be different.  Do what works for you and you will be successful in whatever goal you are trying to achieve.

With these three resolutions our broad goal is to achieve youthful looking skin on a more regular basis.  This is a very broad and difficult to measure goal, so our resolutions will break them down further.

Resolution #1: Get fresh air at least three times a week.  Fresh air can be as simple as eating your lunch on a park bench or as complex as running five miles through the woods.  Whatever you're into getting out into the fresh air is good for your skin.  If you're headed out into the cold air you will want to moisturize when you return home.  If it is warm and sunny where you are don't forget a good sunscreen to protect your skin.  Either way, the fresh air will help open up your pores and allow your skin to breath.  

Resolution #2: Don't snack before bed.  In all reality snacking before bed is one of the worst things you can do for your health.  It often leaves you getting less sleep and it doesn't allow your body to be as fully rested when you wake up the next morning.  Removing this snack from your day can go a long way to improving the look of your skin given that you will likely get better sleep and reduce the amount of sugar you intake each day.

Resolution #3: Practice yoga three times a week.  If you're not already doing yoga you're doing your skin a disservice.  Yes, yoga is good for your mind and soul, but it is also wonderful for your body (skin included.)  Taking time to connect with your soul and do deep breathing exercises is one way to reduce stress and slow your body down.  This type of activity is one of the best ways to improve your skin with low impact exercise.

Whether you choose to pick one of these three resolutions, all of them, or none of them, it is important to spend time thinking about how you can improve your being each year.  Resolutions can be tricky things for people because some are setting you up for failure, but if you take a simple, measured approach to them you will be successful and see results throughout the coming 365 days.

Good luck and stay strong, you got this!

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