4 Reasons A Sleep Is Critical To Good Skin

4 Reasons A Sleep Is Critical To Good Skin

You spend a lot of time making sure your skincare routine is just right for your skin type.  You read blog posts, like this one, you read reviews of products and you may even consult friends and family about finding just the right mix for you and your skin.  These are all important things to do to make sure your skincare routine is working as hard as it can so your skin is looking youthful and vibrant.

All of this time spent is a wonderful thing and will have a long-lasting impact on the health of your skin, there is no doubt about that.  Are you also doing the things you need around your skincare routine that will have a large impact as well so you can make sure you are maximizing your skins potential?  These things include having a good diet and eating healthy food, exercising and maybe most importantly, getting sleeping well.

Sleep is the key to unlocking your body's ability to heal and rejuvenate itself which is one of the critical elements to making sure your skin is healthy.  If you are getting enough sleep every night your skin along with your overall physical health will be where it needs to be.

Why is sleep so important for your skin health?  Here are four things that happen when you're sleeping that are good for your skin.

1.) As you sleep your body increases production of growth hormones which help repair and regenerate skin cells.  When your skin cells are regenerated during your sleep cycle your body is repairing the damage that may have been done to your skin throughout the day.

2.) Oxygen and nutrients are flowing freely to your skin cells while you are sleeping as sleep will increase the blood flow throughout your body, including your skin.  This promotes the overall health of your skin and will leave it seeming more radiant in the morning hours.

3.) Your body is actively working to minimize wrinkles and fine lines with the increased production of collagen while you sleep.  Collagen is a protein that keeps your skin looking firm and plump and while you sleep your body produces more of it which will keep your skin looking youthful.

4.) The final reason that sleep is so good for your skin is that when you are well-rested your stress levels are in decline and lower stress is one way to make sure your skin remains healthy.  While you sleep your body produces less cortisol, the stress hormone, and your stress levels are reduced.

There are so many wonderful reasons you should make sure you are sleeping well, but for our purposes the one reason is that you owe it to your skin.  You spend so much time working on your skincare routine which is very important, but if you add a good night's sleep to your routine you will be well on your way to having the most radiant skin you've ever had in your life.

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