5 Ways To Lower Your Stress And Improve Your Skin

5 Ways To Lower Your Stress And Improve Your Skin

Here we are, almost a full year since the original lockdowns for COVID-19 and my stress levels are incredibly high.  Between Zoom meetings and virtual dinner parties, I am done with the screen and feeling the impact of one whole year of this pandemic.

The stress of the pandemic is wearing on my nerves, but has also been detrimental to my skincare routine.  I have not been as vigilant about taking care of my skin, and with stress mounting my skin has seen better days.

All is not lost though as I have been trying to find new and inventive ways to reduce my stress.  I thought I would share them here with you in case you are feeling some of these same stressors that are keeping you from having the glowing skin that you desire.

1. Meditation:  I was never one for meditation, but as the pandemic has worn on I've read more and more about it online.  It's actually quite simple and doesn't require a whole lot of time.  Just a few minutes here or there and you can find that center that has been missing.

2. Bike riding:  If it's good enough for a 9-year-old it is good enough for me.  Riding a bike is one of the best things you can do for your mental health.  Not only does it give you some alone time, but getting your body moving is critical to warding of the doom and gloom.

3. New recipes: We're not talking about baking a bread from scratch, that is SO 2020.  New recipes that will add a new healthy meal to your repertoire are the perfect way to do something you enjoy while also doing something good for your body by eating healthy.

4. Go tech free:  There is nothing like back to back to back Zoom calls to amp up your stress levels, but when I unplug the stress melts away. 

5. Listen to your favorite music: I've been listening to a lot of music lately and it is the perfect way to push out the stresses of the day.  Whether you listen through big speakers or small ear buds, you'll be stress free in under 3 minutes or less.

All five of these items may not fit into your daily schedule, but if you pick one or two you can start on the path to a stress free pandemic life.  Limiting your stress is an excellent way to keep your mind, body, soul, and skin healthy. 

 by @snnevloet 

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