A Home Spa Day For Mom Is The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

A Home Spa Day For Mom Is The Perfect Mother's Day Gift

Sure, there’s a lot of joy and fun involved in raising your children. But, there’s also a lot of work, concern, planning and organizing that come along with the job. Moms often skip over their self-care needs to put children’s needs first. Over time, this can take its toll. That’s why a home spa day is the perfect gift for Mother’s Day. 

Step One: Set the Stage

Spas are quiet soothing places, so the goal here is to make Mom’s home feel equally tranquil. If there are still children in the home, make plans to whisk them away for the day or even the weekend. Be sure you clean up before you go so Mom isn’t tempted to spend her spa time sweeping the floor. And, consider ways to enhance the decor: perhaps adding a new plant, a flickering candle or a cozy blanket will change the physical space into something that’s more relaxing for Mom.

Step Two: Give Her Self-Care Tools and Treats

Spas offer care for your skin, muscles and mind, so be sure that Mom has what she needs to care for herself in these ways. Leave behind a unique exfoliant and skin care collection so that she can revitalize her tired skin. While she can’t quite give herself a massage, buying a muscle roller can offer similar benefits. And, of course, ensure that she has a good book, peaceful music, a travel magazine to daydream with and a journal to capture her thoughts.

Step Three: End the Day with Love and Gratitude

Spas offer you the chance to escape for a while, but that doesn’t mean Mom won’t miss her loved ones while they are apart. As an extra treat, leave behind some thoughtful words of love and gratitude. Have kids create artwork, write poems or design cards. Take time to write a letter expressing your own appreciation for all that Mom does. Leave these on her pillow so that she falls asleep soothed and dreaming of her loved ones. 

Mom works hard for you, so take time this Mother’s Day to prepare the perfect at-home spa day. It’s as easy as 1-2-3, and the effects of encouraging Mom’s self-care will last far beyond just the single day which can even be good for the whole family.
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