A Somber Call To Solidarity

A Somber Call To Solidarity

On this day, 20 years ago, we looked on in shock as we witnessed our fellow citizens fall victim as the twin towers fell in New York City.  Our heart ached as Flight 93 was brought down in Pennsylvania.  We seethed with anger at the sight of the Pentagon burning.

The September 11th attacks are etched into our memories and the thought of families who have lost loved ones, and some who continue to lose loved ones, still brings a tear to our eyes.  For those who were on the frontlines running INTO the buildings instead of away from them, we are forever grateful.

As we spend a moment to reflect on this terrible day now 20 years later, we must remember the solidarity that came out of that day.  With tears in our eyes we joined hands as one American family to rise up and say that this type of terror would never be brought to our shores again.  We raised each other up and held strong to the ideals of our nation and our neighborhoods.

In this time of continued crisis we must find that solidarity again.  We must remember those who have fallen.  We must celebrate those who continue to fight for us.  We must build up our neighbors and friends so that we can all live in a more perfect union.  Let us stand together on this and every day forward as a community of people who stand for what is good and decent in the world and who will fight for the freedoms of all women and men.

We will be spending today honoring those who lost their lives on September 11th, 2021.  We will also be taking this day as a day to recommit to a country that must and will come together to battle our current crisis and get through it stronger then we were before.  

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