An Autumn Stroll Helps You Live Your Best Life

An Autumn Stroll Helps You Live Your Best Life

As the leaves continue to change and fall from the trees the weather, in many parts of the country, continues to be just perfect to head out for an autumn stroll.  Whether you live in the hills of New Hampshire or the plains of New Mexico, this time of year is perfect to get out and explore the beauty that nature has to offer.

A stroll among nature, at any time of the year, can be so rewarding both mentally and physically, but when there is a slight chill in the air the benefits to your skin and your well-being are endless.

Being out in the fresh air has so many benefits including:

  • Clearing your mind of daily stresses
  • Better sleep habits - being in cooler air will help you sleep better at night
  • Stimulates calorie burning
  • Air is cleaner and better for breathing
  • Reduces the creation of oil and sebum which leads to less breakouts 

While these health benefits are terrific, the benefits of going for a stroll can also impact your mental well-being.  Stepping out in the autumn air to clear your head or strolling with a friend who you can chat with along the way will go a long way to improving your overall mental health.

Spending time outdoors in all weather is good for you, but particularly in the autumn when temperatures are brisk, but not cold yet, and can be withstood for longer strolls to get your blood circulating and your mind clear a stroll is beneficial.

With all this said we didn't even mention the stunning colors along your route.  Finding fall foliage is just icing on the proverbial cake to your autumn stroll.

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