April Showers And Sunshine Bring May Flowers And Healthy Skin

April Showers And Sunshine Bring May Flowers And Healthy Skin

One of my all time favorite sayings is "April showers bring May flowers."  When I was in elementary school my teachers would always say it as the calendar turned from the cold, dark, dreary days of March to the warmer, spring rain showers of April.  It is a hopeful saying that speaks to me on a bunch of different levels, but the most important is that if you embrace the showers at the beginning of April there is rejuvenation and brightness of May to look forward to on the other side.  

When you're a kid you don't see the meaning in that as much as you take it quite literally, April showers, it's going to rain in April, bring May flowers, flowers are going to sprout in the month of May.  Pretty straightforward for a kid, but as an adult there is some beauty in that saying that goes beyond the actual rain showers and flowers.

It's also an opportunity to look at other things in your life and wonder just how you could work to rejuvenate them.  One that instantly comes to mind is your skincare routine.  Over the winter months that are dark, cold, and dreary you are battling the parched skin that comes with lack of activity and vitamins.  In the winter months, your skin is holding on until the warmth and glow of spring arrives.  The good news is, it's just about here and we're ready to celebrate and take advantage of it.

Just like you would give Mother Nature a helping hand by fertilizing your flowers so you get beautiful blossoms at the start of May, so too should you give Mother Nature a helping hand when she works to bounce your skin back from the winter months.  You can do this with two very simple items from the Earthen Skincare collection that will give you bright and glowing skin just as the first blooms of spring peak through the ground.

The first item in your toolkit is the moisturizer that matches your skin type.  We have two moisturizers, one for normal to dry skin and the other is for oily skin.  Knowing your skin type will help you pick the perfect moisturizer to bring life back to your skin after the long winter months.  Once you have identified the right moisturizer for your skin you should start using it daily to take your skin from parched to glowing in no time.

The other item you'll want in your toolkit is an eye treatment that will take your tired eyes and brighten them up for the spring.  If you're anything like me, you get more tired in the winter and often get more sleep which is good for your skincare, but often leaves your eyes droopy and not as bright and wide eyed as you might like.  A good eye treatment will do just the trick.  

There's no catchy phrase that will remind you that it is time to spring into your skincare routine each and every April, but you can always remember that when you hear the phrase, "April showers bring May flowers," that it's time to get moving into the next phase of your routine to get your skin ready to be glowing for the summer months.

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