Avoid Your Skin Becoming Parched By Air Conditioned Rooms

Avoid Your Skin Becoming Parched By Air Conditioned Rooms

August can be one of the hottest months of the year which means that you will likely be exposed to air conditioning in many parts of your day.  Whether you work in an office that is air conditioned, feel cool when you go to the grocery store, or have central air conditioning where you live, you can be sure the air will be cooled wherever you go in the month of August.

Of course this is great news is if you don't like the brutal temperatures of mid-summer.  It's also good news if you want to be able to get a good night's sleep without tossing and turning to wipe away the heat of the day from your brow.  There is bad news that comes with air conditioning too.  It is a source of pollution for our precious resources here on Earth.

The other difficult piece about being in air conditioning for so long throughout the summer months is that it is not great for your skin.  One of the ways air conditioning keeps you cool in the summer months is by regulating the amount of humidity that is in the air.  If it is humid outside, the air inside will be dry AND cool.  This is how you can remain comfortable when it is sweltering outside.  Unfortunately, as you know from cold winters, dry air can be very detrimental to your skin.

There is bright news here though.  You can enjoy the cool temperatures that air conditioning provides without the damage to your skin.  You will simply want to tweak your skincare routine just a little bit.  While you may have made some adjustments to your routine between winter and summer, you may want to revert back to your moisturizing routine from the winter, just for the months where you will consistently be inside and cooled by the air conditioning.

You may recall that your skincare routine in the winter consisted of moisturizing at least once in the morning and once in the evening.  You may have cut that back for the summer months because you didn't feel you needed it as much, but if you are experiencing cooler, dryer air inside, you may want to get back to moisturizing twice daily, at least until things cool off outside again and you can open the windows back up to let in some fresh air.

Summer is great for fun outside, but when the temperatures rise, central air conditioning is a blessing.  Now you can not only enjoy the cool temperatures inside, you can also insure that your skin is well taken care of all year round.

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