Busy Mom's Need These Self Care Activities

Busy Mom's Need These Self Care Activities

So you've been stuck inside with your kids and husband for the last six months...how's that going?

If you're anything like average you could really use some time to yourself and an opportunity to refocus on you.  The good news is that there are some things you can do that will not only allow you to recharge your batteries but to continue to be the supportive mom that your kids need during these tumultuous days.

How do you do it?  

First things first, you need to find the time to do it.  Time can be in short supply while the whole family is stuck at home with each other.  This is where you have to be just a tiny bit selfish (shhhh nobody has to know.)  You need to make YOU a priority too and the only way to do that is to carve out some time for self care.  Don't just say, oh I need to make time for myself...MAKE THE TIME.  Tell your family that twice a week you need an hour to yourself.  Start here and build.

Next you'll need to find what really gives you the self care you need.  We are going to provide you with some ideas, but this part is very personal.  The same things that recharge my batteries may stress you out more.  You need to start out your self care time by finding out just what that means to you.  Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Get lost in a good book
  • Meditate
  • Get your blood flowing by doing some sort of physical activity
  • Learn a new skill
  • Spend time with your friends
  • Exfloiate your skin
  • Write in a journal

When you find the perfect self care for you, stick to it.  These two hours each week need to be non-negotiable time that you get all to yourself.  Your family needs to know that they cannot interrupt this time unless it is a true emergency.

Getting into a routine of self care can be challenging, but when you do, you will find it to be so rewarding that you will likely expand it and stick to it long after the global pandemic has past.


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