Cold Winter Months Don't Have To Do Damage To Your Skin

Cold Winter Months Don't Have To Do Damage To Your Skin

Extreme weather conditions are often the most dreaded things for those of us that take our skincare seriously.  Extreme heat in the summer and the dreaded cold of the winter are not friendly to our skin and can do long term damage if we're not careful. 

The good news is that it doesn't have to be this way.  There are things you can do in the cold and dreary winter months that can not only keep your skin healthy but encourage your skin to thrive.  If you work hard and pay attention to all of the right things you can enter into spring with skin that is more youthful and healthier looking then it has been in months.

Let's start with a couple of preventative measures you can take to make sure the cold and wind do not damage your skin in the month of February.

1.) Make sure you are covering up all exposed skin when you're headed out into the wintry conditions.  A nice scarf can wrap your cheeks and chin to insure that you are not exposing these often exposed parts of your skin to the elements.  Don't forget a good pair of gloves so you can avoid your hands becoming red and dry after being exposed to prolonged winter temperatures and conditions.

2.) Keep your diet healthy but loading it with heaping portions of fresh fruits and vegetables.  This is good year round, but can be more of a challenge in the cold winter months.  Fresh fruits and vegetables can be harder to come by when the weather is cold and so you may have to broaden your palette a little bit to taste new flavors that are fresh year round.  

3.) Stay active.  Keeping your blood circulating is a great way to prevent the cold weather from leaving your skin parched and blotchy.  While exercise outdoors may be a challenge, finding a good gym or even a workout machine in your home or apartment will allow you to keep the blood flowing and protected from the elements.

4.) Last but not least is a daily moisturizer that fits your skin type.  If you are moisturizing daily it can prevent and also offset any damage done by the elements to your youthful looking skin.  Taking the time to perform this simple task will help combat the harsh winter months.

Spending time focused on your skincare routine in the winter months will give you a leg up on everyone who let it fall off in the spring.  You can make sure you are taking care of your skin while looking ahead to the warmer weather and the glowing skin you will undoubtedly have.

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