Don’t Leave These Important People Off Your Gift List

Don’t Leave These Important People Off Your Gift List

It's official, the holiday season is upon us with bells jingling and elves mingling it's going to be a merry, festive, holiday indeed. 

We're sure you're one of those elves who are mingling about looking for the perfect gift for that special someone who you can then mark off your nice list for the season.  We certainly don't want to make your shopping any harder, but we do want to remind you of someone of the special people in your lives who you just might accidentally leave off your gift giving list, that truly deserve some attention.

In compiling this list we tried to keep it broad in the hopes that, if the specific person is not in your life, you'll still be able to jog your memory so you don't leave anyone off your list this year.  

  • Educators: we didn't leave this one at teachers, because of course there are teachers, but so many other adults help to educate your children (and you) throughout the year.  Anyone who is imparting their knowledge with you deserves to be acknowledged by you this holiday season.
  • Health Gurus: whether you're working out at the gym with a trainer or spending time with a yoga instructor who helps you clear your mind, these folks need a nod of the holiday cheer too.
  • Co-workers: is there someone in your office that has gone above and beyond for you this year making your professional life seem satisfying and enjoyable?  Add them to your list to say thank you.
  • Transportation Specialist: this list could be long depending on how you get to and from work/school/home.  You might take the bus and have a special bus driver that gets you there every morning.  You might want to say thank you to your child's crossing guard.  You might be lucky enough to have a driver every morning.  Whatever the case may be, the people that get you from point A to point B should be recognized this holiday season.
  • Your Confidant: we all have that one person who you can always count on when you need to talk something through or just find a shoulder to cry on.  They might already be on your list, but if they are not, don't forget to add them.

Gift giving is one of the joys of the holiday season, but leaving someone off your list by mistake can be stress inducing.  Don't forget these incredible people who help you throughout the year.

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