Don't Be Fooled By Imitation Small Batch Skincare Brands

Don't Be Fooled By Imitation Small Batch Skincare Brands

I don't know about you, but around here we're not much for April Fool's Day jokes, but sometimes they get pulled on us.  My 9 year old tried to convince me she was sent to the principal's office at school today, she couldn't say it without a smirk, so I caught her.  These types of pranks are hard to pull off because so many people are on the lookout for them on the 1st day of April every year.

A different kind of "fool" prank is trying to be pulled off by some skincare brands who are insinuating that they are small batch brands that are made with extreme care and the best ingredients, the only problem is that they are being made by major brands, in major warehouses, and not small batch at all.  The only thing small batch about them is that there is a limited supply of the highly manufactured product.

Here at Earthen Skincare we do things a little bit differently, well, I should say, a LOT differently.  Our founder and inventor Mike Tabiri is literally in his lab mixing small batches of each of our products on demand.  When you order from us you are not getting a product that was made two years ago and has been sitting on the shelf waiting for someone to buy it.  Our products are made in small batches and always ship out to our customers fresh and in a timely manner.

So, why is this important?

There is nothing inherently better about a product that is mixed in small batches vs. one that is mixed in a large machine, but there are some things that set our process apart from others.  For one, Mike takes extreme care in creating each product to be sent out to our customers.  He makes sure the ingredients are mixed properly, that there are no mistakes and that what you buy and what you expect to get is what you actually get.  Also, mixing small batches of products makes it so that these products don't sit on a shelf for weeks, months, or even years.  When we receive an order and send it out, it has been made very recently and will be fresh when it arrives at your doorstep.

The other thing that our customers benefit from is that Mike is the inventor and owner of the company, his name is on every pack of Earthen Skincare products.  He takes great pride in making sure that your order is perfect and if it is not, he'll make it right.

A true small batch skincare brand like Earthen Skincare will provide you with fresh, handmade products that are handled with care and will arrive to you ready to make a difference in your skincare routine.

This is no April Fool's Day joke, we promise!

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