Don't Forget To Take Quiet Time For Yourself This Holiday Season

Don't Forget To Take Quiet Time For Yourself This Holiday Season

The holidays can be a joyful and thrilling time filled with magic and fun, but they can also be stressful too.  This year is a little bit different, but that means that stress is going to be creeping up more and more.  It is so important every year, but especially this year, to make sure you set aside some quiet time for yourself to get away from the hustle and bustle.

I have found that a few things have helped me to do this over the years and after taking this quiet time I enjoy the holiday season so much more.

1. Stop shopping.  I know I know, you have one more gift to get and one more errand to run, but it's ok to leave it until tomorrow.  Take today to unwind from the shopping madness and just sit and enjoy some quiet.

2. Unplug.  This is good advice year round, but especially around the holidays and especially this year.  With Zoom calls and virtual celebrations tugging at your every minute, taking even just a few minutes away from your devices without the digging notifications and the call-in info will keep you sane and allow you to enjoy the virtual events that you do attend.

3. Listen to music.  Listening to music has been proven time and time again to reduce your stress and ease your mind.  No matter what holiday you celebrate this time of year there are so many incredible pieces of music that will warm your heart and calm your mind.

4. Get outside.  Even if it is cold where you are, a 10-15 minute stroll around the block will get your blood moving and will ease your mind.  Take the dog with you and you'll have that much more fun.

5. Slow down.  Overall one thing that happens during the holiday season is that you find yourself running from thing to thing without taking a minute to enjoy the season.  You'll get to the end of December and wonder how it could've come and gone so fast.  Slowing down a little bit will help your mind relax and you enjoy the holidays even more.

When you're ready to start shopping again, we'll be here.  In the meantime, take some quiet time to yourself and you'll find yourself enjoying the holidays more and more each and every year.

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