Face Moisturizer: What You Should Look For

Face Moisturizer: What You Should Look For

When it comes to face moisturizers, there seems to be an endless supply of choices. What makes one face moisturizer different from another? It all comes down to its ingredients.

Simply put, not all face moisturizers are created equal. Many people rarely check the ingredients label on their beauty products. And it's no wonder— reading the ingredient list of your favorite beauty product can be really confusing. That's why it's important to use quality skin care products, like those from Earthen Skincare. 

This emollient may be hard to pronounce and spell, but it is very important when looking for a face moisturizer. Dimethicone forms a layer on top of the skin that hydrates and keeps moisture in.

Glycern, sometimes called glycerol, is a humectant. Humectants retain and absorb water keeping skin moist and smoothing fine lines. It pulls moisture from within and maintains the outer layer by preventing dryness and flaking. 

Iodopropynyl Butylcarbamate
This ingredient is definitely hard to say and pronounce, but very important. Iodopropynyl butylcarbamate is used in skin care products to prevent molds, bacterias, and other germs from spreading. 

Propylene Glycol
This ingredient keeps skin care products from melting in high heat or freezing situations. It also helps active ingredients penetrate the skin. 

When choosing the right face moisturizer for your skin, you must first understand what your skin's needs are. Are you dry, oily, or normal?

Second, make sure you are choosing skin care products that contain ingredients you are comfortable with putting on your body. 

Earthen Skin Care's line of skin care products contain the highest quality ingredients to bring out your natural beauty.

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