Fill Your Student's Dorm Room With These Must-Haves

Fill Your Student's Dorm Room With These Must-Haves

Back to school is HERE and while it may not be a typical year of back to school your student will still need to fill his/her dorm room with some essentials that will be required to have a fulfilling time at college. 

Of course you will want to get the traditional items that every good college dorm room needs.  Things like bedding, towels, hangers, a stocked refrigerator, and a few other odds and ends are staples of a perfect dorm room.  However, there are a few other things that will take your student's dorm room to the next level.

Here are a few of the must-have items to turn your student's dorm room from drab to fab in no time:

  1. Wall decorations: no dorm room can be complete without decorations on the wall.  Depending on your student's style wall coverings can be anything from posters to canvas photos to tapestries, your wall style can step up your student's dorm room game.
  2. Music: While your student may have their own personal music setup, you may want to invest in some service and a smart speaker for them to be able to listen to when they are studying or just spending quality time with their roommates.  
  3. New technology: A dorm room is not complete any longer without fresh technology.  A new computer, a nice TV, and even smart lights can deck out a dorm room which will be the envy of campus.

Don't forget when you're thinking about what to stock your student's dorm room with to ensure that you think about their overall health too.  From healthy snacks for their mini-fridge to a great skincare routine, sending your student back ready to face the day and weeks ahead is the one thing you can do to make sure they are successful in uncertain times.

 photo courtesy of Boston University

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