Five Holiday Gifts You Should Buy Now To Avoid The Rush

Five Holiday Gifts You Should Buy Now To Avoid The Rush

When I visit my grocery store and see Halloween decorations in one aisle and Christmas decorations in another aisle I usually cringe.  I always think to myself, let me get through one holiday before I move on to the next.  But this year, it is a bit different.  

I do much of my holiday shopping online and have for quite some time now, but if you've ordered just about anything online in recent months you know that it is taking a LOT of time to get delivered.  In some cases, it takes weeks if not months to arrive and I do not want to chance that with my holiday shopping this year.  So, I begrudgingly started my shopping.

I don't feel as though I need to rush to buy every last gift on my list, but there are some things I feel it's important to get and have.  I especially think, if I already have an idea for someone I should get it now and then not have to panic that it won't arrive in time.

Here are some of the things I've already started shopping for, so that I am safe when it comes to them arriving.

1. Outdoor gear:  Everything from patio furniture to tents to backpacks are on back order everywhere.  I have some friends who are really into camping and I already started looking around to find the perfect something.

2. Clothes:  I buy a LOT of clothes as gifts and while the speed at which my online orders have been delivered on the clothes front has picked up, I am not taking any chances.

3. Skincare: I've ordered from Earthen Skincare and since it is a small batch producer of high quality skincare products, I can order early and feel confident that this gift will be ready to be placed in a stocking or under the tree right on time this year.

4. Customized gifts: I love buying something that is customized for the person I am giving it to, but this year those items are taking longer to be delivered so I am starting early.

5. Gifts from overseas: Anything I have to order that is shipped from Europe is taking longer to arrive these days as well.  I am ordering anything I need no matter how big or small now, so it will arrive with plenty of time to spare.

Whether you're a get the shopping done in August type person or a wait until the last minute type person (like me) you will need to get your shopping done early this year for the holidays, if you want to make sure it is ready to give for to that special someone.

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