Five More Skincare Gurus Who Love Earthen Skincare

Five More Skincare Gurus Who Love Earthen Skincare

We're always so grateful when people online spread the word about Earthen Skincare and how much they love it.  We already shared with you some of our very favorite skincare gurus who are letting their followers know about their experience with our artisanal skincare brand.  Now we want you to hear from five more of our favorites.

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@xotayzani says "I was blown away when I used this the first time you guys! This peel is SO gentle (hey hey sensitive skin babes!) and literally leaves my face feeling softer than any professional facial I’ve had. It removes every bit of dead skin from your face in under 5 minutes and is so easy to use!"
From @destinigia "I’m happy that I tried this serum! It sinks right into your skin and leaves it feeling moisturized. It is formulated with a huge concentration of peptides and seeks to increase skin elasticity and collagen production. As an added bonus, it also treats dark circles and under eye puffiness."
From @simplyblushed "I am extremely impressed with the results; over the last 3 weeks, the lines have noticeably softened and my skin is plump. I can definitely see myself repurchase this serum for this reason alone!"
@xoashleytaggart says "I’ve been using it for over 2 months and the results have been incredible. Often times I’m impatient and want immediate results but I’m so glad I stuck with it! It paid off 💯 "
@lastyswallow says "I am pretty sure @earthen_skincare repair and lift Can do no wrong. This anti-wrinkle moisturizing serum is so light, watery and soothing. Concentrated with ultra effective peptides that work together to moisturize the skin minimizing WRINKLES!!!"

We're truly blushing. Thank you for all of the kind words. We're so thrilled that you all enjoyed our products so much. If you have a minute follow our friends and of course our Instagram as well and let us know what you think about using our products and you might get featured as one of our favorite skincare gurus.

 by @lastyswallow


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