Five People Who You Should Go Above And Beyond During The Holidays

Five People Who You Should Go Above And Beyond During The Holidays

The season is almost upon us and if you're anything like me you will want to make a list of all the people to get gifts for this year.  Of course you know you'll be buying for family and some friends, but what about the people in your everyday life that go above and beyond for you?  It's time to make a commitment to go above and beyond for them as well.

For the people in your life that you know deserve more from you then just a small gift card to a local coffee shop, you should think about getting them an item from the Earthen Skincare Collection.  You could just buy the whole collection and then give these items out to each of the people on this list and anyone else who you think might deserve something extra special this year.

The people on this list are heroes among us each and every day, but this year they have gone above and beyond to make dealing with the pandemic easier, safer, and they have kept us healthy along the way.

1. Medical professionals in your life.  Whether it is someone who has treated you or a loved one or just a friend, show them your appreciation for the work that they have done and are still doing to keep your friends, family, and neighbors healthy.

2. Teachers.  Doing double duty for our kids, these heroes are back in schools risking their lives to teach our young people.  If there was every a year to go above and beyond for them, it would be 2020.

3. First Responders.  You might not otherwise think of these folks when buying holiday gifts, but this year should be different.  If you have a police officer, fire fighter, EMT, or other first responder in your life, go the extra mile for those that have done it for us.

4. Grocery store workers.  If you have a smiling face you see each and every week when you go grocery shopping don't forget him/her this year.  They have been spending day in and day out risking their lives to help make sure have food in our homes.  

5. Workers at an assisted living facility.  Whether you know someone living in an assisted living facility or not, it's important to recognize that these folks have dealt with a huge bulk of the pandemic related issues and could certainly use some recognition.

You may not have everyone on this list in your life, but this holiday season, why not seek someone out to go above and beyond for at this special time.  Folks who have been doing more for our community then they ever thought possible have shown up for us, let's show up for them.

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