Friendsgiving Keeps The Holidays Stress-Free

Friendsgiving Keeps The Holidays Stress-Free

Spending time with family during the holidays can be so rewarding and fun, but there can also be some stress associated with it too.  Running around making last minute preparations, packing and traveling, staying in a healthy routine, can all be challenges when trying to prepare to visit with the family around the holidays.

Spending time with your friends on the other hand often has all the rewards of a wonderful and warm Thanksgiving with your family, without the additional stressors.  Of course we're talking about Friendsgiving.


While the term Friendsgiving is thought by many to have originated as part of the annual Thanksgiving episodes on the hit TV show Friends, it actually never was mentioned in any episodes.  Instead, the term dates back to 2007 when it first appeared on the Internet.  Since then, the concept has taken the world by storm and is now used by many as an excuse to get all of their friends together before the holidays.

Just as it sounds the holiday Friendsgiving mirrors in many way the actual day of Thanksgiving with friends getting together for a potluck style dinner with all the fixins of a traditional meal.  The difference is that only friends are invited.  Splitting up the cooking and preparation as well as the day of duties can have a calming effect on the whole event so the stress doesn't all fall one person.

If you've never attended or hosted a Friendsgiving event, you should consider one this year.  It's quite simple to do.  Put a guest list together, specify each guests role in preparing the meal, and let the cooking and eating begin.

This precursor to an actual Thanksgiving meal with family is the perfect way to kick off the holiday season on a festive and low stress level.  

If you end up hosting your own this year, we'd love to see photos.  Share them with us on Instagram @Earthen_Skincare.

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