Get The Perfect Skin To Go With Your Perfect Prom Dress

Get The Perfect Skin To Go With Your Perfect Prom Dress

After countless trips to the dress shop and numerous fitting sessions you've finally found the ONE.  The dress that will make you totally stand out at prom this year and be the one that everyone is talking about wondering where you got your stunning dress.  

The perfect dress won't stand alone though.  You'll need the perfect hair style and impeccable skin to complete the look.  Before you find someone to give you the ideal hair style, make sure your skin is in order with a couple of simple tweaks to your skincare routine.

First start with the InstantPeel Exfoliant.  Peel away dead and parched skin with a soft gentle touch.  This perfect start to your skincare routine will not leave you blotchy and red like most chemical peels do, it will leave your skin looking smooth and youthful.  

The good news is, InstantPeel is so easy to use.  Just simply hop in the shower and let it work up a good steam.  Then begin applying it to your skin and watch as the dead skin cells just peel off.  Rinse away the excess exfoliant and your skin will be glowing when you step out of the shower and get ready for the night of your life.

You'll want one other finishing touch from your skincare routine before you head to the dance floor.  After you've pulled some all nighters the skin around your eyes may need a little lift.  Our Clear #1 Eye Cream is perfect for dark circles that form around your eyes when you've been doing all that studying.  Best of all, you can toss in your purse in case you have a long night, post-prom.  

With all your friends ready to go, the perfect dress picked out, and the skincare you deserve, you're going to have an incredible time at your prom.  Celebrate responsibly and have fun!

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