Get to Know Your Customers Day

Today, January 16th is National Get To Know Your Customers Day.   This is a day that we here at Earthen Skincare like to spend to shed a little bit of light on the words of some of our customers who have been using our products.  These customers have shared their experiences with us so we can share them with you to give you a good idea of how our products have helped overcome skincare issues that they have had.

From the words of our customers;

I have been using instant peel for years and really love how my skin feels after using it. I highly recommend!

-Christina Smith


Actual magic in a bottle (Repair & Lift).

- Paulina A.


Feeling quite wonderful now that I have used the Earthen serum for a few weeks. Thinking of trying the eye creams next now that I know their products are for real. Thank you!!!!

- Melody


Service is excellent

- Eugene K.


These products are the real deal!!! Effective without the hype and gimmick of expensive branding!

- Sharon I.


Omg! Tried the peel because of a magazine article. Simply AMAZING! My skin glows!

- Kelly


We want to thank our customers for all of their glowing comments about Earthen Skincare. If you have used our products and want to tell the world how they have changed your life, we would love for you to leave us a review here.

If you haven't used our products yet, what are you waiting for!

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