Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

Goodbye Fall, Hello Winter

Warm mugs of hot cocoa, fuzzy scarves, and the sound of crackling fireplaces. Winter is finally here! But there is no reason your skin needs to feel parched and dry. Earthen's line of skincare products is just what your skin needs to tackle the dry winter air. 

"My ... exfoliating game is at a new level. The instant peel actually makes a difference immediately—you can see dead skin cells coming right off your face! (A legit alternative to microdermabrasion)." - @leeniekbeauty

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 With the winter season leading to parched skin, now is the perfect time to recommit yourself to your skincare routine and get on track for the new year.  Being in a routine with your skincare will help you start 2019 fresh and focused on healthy skin year round.

InstantPeel works it's magic while you're in the shower.  Just simply apply it to your moist skin and feel the dead skin just come right off.  It will save you time and money over a more expensive and time consuming trip to the spa.  


"The Instant Peel is cool too, you massage it onto damp skin & it’s like your dead skin just beads up & comes off! Great exfoliator!👍🏼" @BeautyandtheLeast_

During the holiday season you may have neglected your skin, but now is a good time to get back on track and make your skin feel fresh and youthful.  A healthy dose of holiday hydration is needed to refresh your skin this time of year.  Using the Instant Cellumoist Face Moisturizer is akin to having three treatments in one easy to use package.  You'll get the benefits of anti-wrinkle, skin firming, and moisturizer with this one powerful cream.

These products will help you get that fresh from the spa feeling without leaving your home.  You'll save time and money by bringing these spa treatment to your home. 

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