Help Dad Rejuvenate In Three Simple Steps

Help Dad Rejuvenate In Three Simple Steps

What a whirlwind year it has been with so many ups and downs dad's head, like everyone's, is spinning these days.  Between Zoom calls and face masks the usual dad plan for Father's Day is just not going to cut it this year.  

Your dad may not be ready to do any rejuvenation on his own, but you can give him that gentle nudge in the right direction so that he can treat himself with a little self care that he always neglects.  It may not be the same things you enjoy, so make sure it is tailored made for your dad.

1.) Get Outside: Your dad might be sitting behind a desk all day or working on his feet indoors.  Whatever he is doing during the day, it is important to for his mind, body, and soul to get outdoors and enjoy what nature has to offer.  A simple walk around the block will do or you can get fancy and take him to a local state park for a stroll through the forest.  The fresh air will filter through his body and leave him ready for what the world has in store for him next.

2.) Give Dad A Break: Whatever that pesky chore is around that house that dad bemoans every time he does it, let him step away from it this week/month for you to handle it.  You know he does a lot of work around the house, so make sure that it's something you can handle without any supervision from him so he does not need to "manage" the project and can completely forget about this normal tedious task.

3.) Quiet and Peaceful: With everyone home and running about during this time peace and quiet can be hard to come by, but it is so important for the mind and body.  Give your dad a good book, his favorite podcast, or just a simply quiet place to relax and walk away.  After an hour of peace and quiet he will be recharged and ready to tackle all that life throws at him.

This Father's Day is going to be less about colorful ties and grill accessories and more about helping your dad get the relaxation and recovery he so needs and deserves.  Once he's rejuvenated then you can ask him for help around the house, once again.


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